My husband asked me to go on a nude cruise! I thought he was out of his mind. I know he loves looking at women,and a cruise ship full of naked people would certainly check that box. Heck,I like looking at nude men and nude women too.[dcl=7608]

Being on a cruise ship with a bunch of swingers and nudists seemed a bit over the top for my hubby and me.

But,he is a consistent grinder. He showed me the website,and we sampled the different ships and itineraries.
The next thing I knew,I said yes! I started my diet right away. Then I began dreaming of the sun on my buns.
When the big day came,and we started to board the ship,I was surprised that the other passengers were regular folks just like us. We met the friendliest people we have ever met.
We partied all night,we enjoyed the dress-up theme nights,and we got naked at the pool. Guys and girls hit on hubby and me,it was fun/. We made out with some people,but decided that on the next cruise,we might get frisky! Who knows?[dcl=7608]

The coolest part of all was the total lack of pressure. It was all about fun. We are doing another cruise next year. See you there.

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